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Distance Healing & Seminars

Experience the healing energies of

Reiki and the KQ Force

Get in touch with us for a 21 day healing session. You can receive healing for anything or anyone - relationships, health, career, job, personal satisfaction, finances or just for the joy of healing and connecting with the love force! 

Healing sessions are in-person or at a distance. 

In-person : 

- Pre-booking required 

- 30-45 min hands-on Reiki healing & KQ Force healing session

Distance Healing & Intuitive Guidance :

- Pre-booking required 

- Intuitive Reading session followed by 21 day distance healing 

Note: Aryaesh uses various intuitive modalities such as Tarot, Numerology, Vedic Astrology and his own Reiki driven intuition to guide people during these sessions. 

Learn Reiki:

Get connected to unconditional loving energies of Reiki and live an abundance of health, wealth, happiness, healed relationships and joy! ​

For more details please fill the "Contact Us" form below. 

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2240 Lake Shore Blvd West, Toronto


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