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Distance Healing & Seminars

Experience the healing energies of

Reiki and the KQ Force

Get in touch with us for a 21 day healing session. You can receive healing for anything or anyone - relationships, health, career, job, personal satisfaction, finances or just for the joy of healing and connecting with the love force! 

We offer healing sessions in-person or at a distance. 

In-person : 

- Pre-booking required 

- 30-45 min hands-on Reiki healing & KQ Force healing session

- Fee (per session): $125 (CAD)

Distance Healing :

- Pre-booking required 

- 21 day distance healing 

- Fee: $50 (CAD)

Learn Reiki:

Get connected to unconditional loving energies of Reiki and live an abundance of health, wealth, happiness, healed relationships and joy! 

Reiki - 1 Seminar* fee : $365 (CAD)

(Pre-registration required)

*all Reiki seminars are in-person. 

For more details please fill the "Contact Us" form below. 

Distance Healing: Services

Karma Healing Candles

Use these empowered candles to heal yourself or others. All you need to do is light these with an intention for yourself, job, love, marriage, career or any other life situation and receive karmic healing. You can also gift these to friends and family.

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Distance Healing: Welcome


2240 Lake Shore Blvd West, Toronto


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