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Sound Healing

"...As energies of universal creation move, they create a sound that generates & maintains the universe..."
Spiritual Master Nalin Nirula

Sound healing is an ancient practice that harnesses the power of sound vibrations to promote healing and relaxation. To transform, the patterns upon which ones life is currently moving and to allow the consciousness to transform the emotional blockages using vibration is “Sound Healing”. Sound brings mental clarity & hence teaches one to observe self without attaching to the experience & thereby to understand the situation from a higher perspective. Sound has been interwoven into humanity’s psyche as a means of healing, understanding and transforming the body, mind, heart and spirit. 

Intimate 1:1 Sound Bath

This is a deeply relaxing and healing session that lasts for about 45 mins. During this session you will experience intense relaxation, deep healing at a mental & emotional level, along with alleviation of stress. A sound bath promotes:

  • Reduced tension, anger, fatigue

  • Improved clinical indicators: blood pressure & heart rate

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Improved relaxation & sleep

  • Enhanced meditation & cleanses negative energy

  • Boosted immune system function

  • Improved emotional wellbeing

  • Realigning your body and nervous system back into a state of balance, coherence, and harmony​

All our sessions are further empowered by karmic healing energies to bring relief at a karmic level.

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Group Sound Baths

The sound bath sessions for a group are for an hour.  The outcomes of these sessions are:

  • Release stress instantly

  • Bring our wandering mind to calmness

  • Reduce anxiety, insecurity

  • Boost confidence

  • Raise consciousness

  • Bring balance within personal & professional life

  • Restore Immunity

  • Release unnecessary stress, anxiety, worry & controlling nature

  • Bring harmony in relations

Our group healing sessions are tailored for organizations looking to bring wellness for their employees as well as communities and other social groups. 

Buddhist Singing Bowl

About Akshay

Akshay is a seasoned journalist and TV host with 15+ years of experience in global news channels. Over the years, Akshay has established himself as a trusted voice in delivering insightful, thought-provoking news coverage to audiences worldwide.

Beyond the newsroom, Akshay's passion for holistic well-being has led him to explore various alternative healing modalities for more than a decade. Trained under a bona fide and authentic lineage of Reiki, energy healing, yoga, and dance therapy, he embodies a holistic approach to health and wellness, advocating for the integration of mind, body, and spirit. Driven by a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of sound, Akshay is on a mission to share the benefits of sound therapy with the world.

Through his immersive sound healing sessions, he harnesses the therapeutic properties of sound vibrations to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and restore harmony within the body and mind.

Akshay's dedication to wellness exemplifies his commitment to inspiring and empowering others on their journey for holistic well-being & self-discovery. As an alternative healer, Akshay continues to make a profound impact on the lives of those he encounters, both on as well as off screen.

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Sound Healing: Services

Prepare for your session

Group or 1:1 sound bath

  • Carry your own yoga mat

  •  A blanket/throw to cover yourself (Optional)

  •  Carry a cushion (Optional)

  •  Comfortable clothing since you will be lying down on the floor

  • Come with an open mind 

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Sound Healing: Testimonials
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Matthias Raabe
Frankfurt, Germany

I came stressed and exhausted from Germany to India after a really long flight. Soon after, I met Akshay, and his magic began: Due to his calming and profound presence and healing methods of Reiki and Sound Healing, I experienced  a deep sense of inner peace. During the session, I experienced being on a fantastic journey of healing sounds and a warm energy that I could literally feel on my skin as well as my mind. I felt happy, relaxed and grateful after the session.

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