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Guidance & Self-help

Explore this resource centre for links to articles as well as empowered karma-healing meditations that can facilitate your self-healing process.

Understand the deeper workings of Karma and how to "Crack the Karma Code"

Self-help: Services

Karma Healing Help

Please note that this is not a ‘positive thinking exercise’ or meditation. There is empowered karma-changing work being done by the Healing Master Nalin Nirula and his team of healers during these times. During the rest of the week other healing support procedures are also being done by them.

Reiki Meditations

Empowering discourses, spiritual guidance and healing meditations by Master Guy Yagish Alter. Subscribe and connect to his Facebook page & blog and experience the joy of Reiki healing!

Karma Theory

Want to understand Karma, Destiny and healing in a more scientific way? This article and resource centre by Master Nalin Nirula will enable you to easily understand the workings of our universe , our actions and consequences that shape our destiny - our karma!

Self-help: List

Master Nalin Nirula's website is vast resource centre of articles, newsletters, links to audio files on karma, healing, self-help, empowerment and practical guidance to winning in life. To access these Click here 

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