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Changing Auras

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

The only thing permanent in the external material world is change. Our #Aura also changes with changing thoughts, emotions and actions. Nature too teaches us how to deal with change - with changing seasons - from summer to autumn and winter to spring.

Similarly, situations in our lives don’t always remain the same. The so-called good and bad times are subject to change. Our stubborn mind, however, conditions us to believe the our situation at that point in time is permanent and eternal.

In this changing universe - from seasons, to relationships, to life situations as well as our changing body - there is one thing (and the only thing!) that remains constant. It’s our identification of our soul self- our soul-consciousness. Connecting with this permanent force within us gives us a glimpse of a fear-free, change-free eternal place that’s instantly accessible to one who Is humble and connected to the light.

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