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Connecting with higher knowledge

The blessings of the divine and a sincere desire to seek the truth of our existence ignites our spiritual journey. On this path, we are most fortunate if we receive siksha (higher knowledge) and diksha (initiation - spiritual power) from a bonafide Spiritual Master. The Spiritual Master is one who has already touched higher realities and is heavy with such spiritual knowledge.

The knowledge given to us by such a Master is most valuable as it dissolves the shackles of binding karma and frees us from the pangs of material nature and pain - giving our soul the relief that its been seeking - lifetime after lifetime.

On Vasant Panchami, we receive special blessings of goddess Saraswati who blesses us with knowledge and intelligence to understand the supreme truth. Knowledge that liberates us. We humbly seek her blessings and grace to remain within the grace of such a spiritual master and walk the enlightened path.

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