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The auspicious 9 nights

Twice a year special blessings are available to all of mankind for a period of 9 days each (once in spring time and then during autumn). These days are called as "Navratri" or 9 nights. It is during this time the energies and divine forms of the Goddess Durga (or the universal mother form) are celebrated.

Her energies are regenerating, nurturing, healing, protective and bless us with material as well as spiritual abundance. She also protects and controls the material universe we live in.

As we approach her and her energies with humility, we can overcome our internal demons of fear, insecurity, anger and all other manifestations of the false ego allowing us to connect with the energies at the heart level.

As Spiritual Master Nalin Nirula teaches us, her blessings and permission can help us leave this zone (material zone of suffering) once we have sufficiently progressed spiritually. In her transcendental form of Yogamaya, she helps connect the souls to the Divine.

Reiki and KQ healers can approach the Navratri period for their spiritual and material benefit.

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