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The mind

The sun represents the soul and moon represents the mind. The moon-mind is illuminated by the reflected light of the soul-sun. When we make the mind our friend we are in a position to act with intelligence and wisdom free from the filters of our false ego.

The mind is quick to judge and criticise and this seems to be our default conditioning. In the process of judging and criticising from an emotional standpoint, we prevent the flow of love and joy not only to others but even to ourselves. In due course this naturally makes us unhappy and emotionally distressed. When we learn to accept ourselves and others as they are, compassion flows through us naturally and effortlessly - then there is no need to control anymore! The friendly non-judgemental mind allows us to see our life & situation as-is, without filters of our judgemental/critical attitude. This empowers us to take full responsibility to heal our lives.

At the highest level, the mind is illuminated with knowledge of the absolute truth by the grace and blessings of a bona-fide Spiritual Master. This is truly a blessing, as such a mind becomes our best friend in our journey towards self-realisation.

All glories to my Spiritual Master & teacher Nalin Nirula for his teachings, guidance, blessings and empowerment.

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