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Special healing and blessings on Reiki Day 2021

Healing for all seasons

(Excerpts from Cracking the Karma Code; p132, O Sensei Nalin Nirula)

“Those who are connected with destiny-changing abilities to heal karmic consequences deal with life’s changing weather and seasons in two ways. The first is by recognizing that the weathers of destiny are most powerful and to be respected. Second, by moving on through these with care while channeling the harmonies of healing all the while, we experience that this changes the entire climate for the better in every way.

Being able to channel this curative energy immediately overcomes helplessness because it imparts its pure joyous restorative qualities as it flows through us. It changes the harsh weather of chilly destiny in one’s favour daily regardless of the season. It drives away the darkness, gloom and fog just as the brilliant sun clears up the cold and clammy mists and fogs that lie over the darkened landscape. The brilliant, healing brahma-jyoti energy drives away the fog of helplessness and gloom that overshadow the landscape of materially bound lives.”

Reiki Day inspiration - by Abhay Ahluwalia

All glories to the empowered lineage of grandmasters - O Sensei Mikao Usui, O Sensei Chujiro Hayashi, O Sensei Hawayo Takata and O Sensei Dr Nalin Nirula for empowering us with the loving heart energies of the Divine. It is only through their grace that can we heal and re-write our destiny, achieving freedom from the shackles of binding consequence karma. Today is that auspicious day, a special time and place in the universe, where Master Usui received the mystic empowerment of Reiki. It is his special benediction that these energies are magnified today on the 4th of February. As healers all over the world heal themselves and celebrate this auspicious day, lets pledge to honour our connection by healing ourselves daily - Just for today - living in an attitude of gratitude, free of fear, worry and anger, doing our healing work honestly and respecting each other and ourselves. Love and Reiki blessings always! - Sensei Abhay

Affirmations for self-healing

(Name) connects to the continuous flow of unconditional loving heart energies of Reiki, and is restored to his/her authentic state of joy, balance and fearlessness. (Name) is taking pleasure in the internal self. So it is and I gratefully acknowledge Reiki’s will call be done.

(Name) consciousness turns inward and understands that his/her internal self is constant and also has the divine constant within him/her. All of (name) pain and fear dissolves in this understanding. So it is and I gratefully acknowledge Reiki’s will be done.

(Name) is a dedicated healer, healing himself/herself daily, with humility and gratitude, free of all offence. (Name) is living in complete abundance of health, wealth, happiness, joy, opulence in the now and forever. He/She unconditionally radiates the loving force of Reiki to all that he/she does and all those he/she meets. So it is and I gratefully acknowledge Reiki’s will be done.

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