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Finding yourself

I hear many people use the words - "I need to find myself".. I am travelling to "Discover myself".. I am taking time off.. to "Know myself".. and so on. This makes me wonder which "self" are we trying to find?

Do we have one “true-self” or “many selves” that are different parts of our personality?

For me, the answer to this can be broken down in 2 ways - one is the physical-mental-emotional self and the other is the more permanent constant true-spiritual-self.

The mental-emotional self has several parts that shape our personality. These parts are formed because of our conscious and subconscious desires – These many selves and parts of our psyche make us wear many masks that we wear daily and through our lives.

Mostly people are in search of these masks within themselves. While its great to know our desires, awareness of their fluidity and changeable nature is very important in self-discovery. If we "find" ourselves form a mental-emotional platform at any given point in our lives, this is sure to change at another point in our lives.

The key is to find the true-self. The constant-spiritual-self within us is that part which is unchangeable by desires, speculation or any other conditions. For some its buried deep within and hidden by the innumerable masks we wear. For some, who are connected to the grace of a Spiritual Master, the true-spiritual self is easily discoverable.

Being in touch with our true-self keeps us joyful, happy and at peace in the now and forever.

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