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Healing Fear

“Fundamental fear comes from being disconnected from universal wholeness, the divine part of ourselves which is of the quality of Reiki love, eternal and deathless” - Spiritual Master Nalin Nirula My spiritual master always taught us that fear comes from the apprehension that “I” will cease to exist. Fear takes many forms - fear of losing love, fear of losing money, fear of losing a loved one, Fear of losing what I have today and finally fear of death. If we examine our lives, we see that the nature of material existence is “change” and “impermanence”. This leads to elements of uncertainty which gives us our fear and anxiety. As we identify with the "impermanent" part of ourselves i.e. our bodies, our ego, and relationships - we are deeply condition to protect it. But the reality is, that life has significantly changed over the years and will continue to do so. There is not a single person in all of creation who does not experience change. Our complex karmic records, interactions with our enviornment and relationships bring significant movement into our lives - sometimes good and at other time - not so favourable! Our perception & identification with these situation is what creates the cocktail of emotions - happiness, sadness, fear, worry, anger etc Dealing with change requires acceptance, wisdom and taking responsibility. When we accept the reality of our life situation, just the way it is, free from the filters of our false-ego based perceptions, we win half the battle. The next step after “acceptance" is taking responsibility for your life by taking intelligent action. Healers connected to Reiki & The KQ Force are at a magnaminous advantage as the healing energies dissolve vast amount of painful karma, opening windows of opportunities that enable them to progress in life. The healing energies also connect us to a permanent reality - freeing us from the crippling feelings of fear. Eventually, for both healers and non-healers taking responsibility and balanced action gives us the ability to deal with change,. At the deepest level connecting with the permanent and unchanging part of ourselves liberates us from fear completely. By the grace of a bonafide spiritual master we are able to connect with our soul-self and Divine in a profound way that dissolves the deepest of fears leaving us only with inner joy and love.


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