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The conscious seed

There is a lot to learn from a simple seed about the universe. The universal principle of karma is hidden and coded into a simple seed.

Just as a seed, becomes a fruit and then a seed again, similarly the causes we create have an effect on our lives which appear in the future. Our actions intern create further causes.

The seed is the cause and the fruit, the effect.

This is the endless cycle, birth after birth that keeps us recycling in the material world. Every situation that we face has a prior cause that we have created in some past - this life or a previous one! Our response to these situations has consequences which creates further seeds of karma - good or bad.

The mystic law as explained in the Lotus Sutra encapsulated as Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo beautifully details this law. A detailed understanding of karma and its attributes is abundantly and authoritatively available in the Vedic literature.

My Spiritual Master, Nalin Nirula’s book - Cracking the Karma Code explains karma and the machine language of the universe in a simple and most profound way. The book is a spiritual gem 💎 that can help anyone overcome the shackles of karmic bindings and win in life!

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