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The Healer Within

As my spiritual master taught us, that the real healer is always within us. An external force / person / situation is often required to awaken that healing potential. Its just like when we have a wound, automatically the body does all that is needed to repair it, naturally.

Similarly, when we allow our inner-selves to blossom, the inner healer starts to fix us physically, mentally, emotionally and eventually at a spiritual level. The more awakened our inner-self, the stronger is our ability to channel the healing rays of light - the stronger is our spiritual awareness. Its not that our inner self is asleep - Its just that its witnessing us silently as we move through our lives. Its up to us to connect with our soul-self, breaking free of the limitations of the false-ego identifications.

The Reiki energy is one such spiritual empowerment that re-connects us to our inner-self in a more intimate and meaningful way. An interesting symptom of this is the feeling of causeless joy!

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