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The light in your heart

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Sometimes in life we feel helpless. The force of external situations is so overwhelming that we don’t know what to do next. It’s place where we feel emotionally, mentally and physically weak and stuck.

Most of us have had such situations in our lives - the ups and downs! The feeling of loosing control.

It’s sometimes best to actually give up control. As the force of our karma and pre-planned destiny shapes our life events, we need to first of all act with a sense of balance and composure. Taking responsibility for the situation, and giving up the desire to control others is actually a very deep healing. It’s in this moment that we begin to see the first few soothing rays of light deep within our heart. As we surrender more to this feeling, the light reveals in-itself the beautiful form of the Divine. This form reassures us of it’s eternal loving presence through all our ups and downs - holding our hand through thick and thin.

The solutions often find their way as neither the good nor the bad last forever. All we need to do is act with balance to resolve the situation and humbly turn toward the divine presence in our heart.

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